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How to Make Your Credit Card Work for You

How to Make Your Credit Card Work for You

The global adoption rate for credit cards has never been higher. And as this rate continues to grow, so too does the level of consumer debt. This is great news for the credit industry whose profits are generated by consumer debt and interest. If you’re interested in altering this arrangement and making your credit card work for you, instead of the other way around, these tips can help.

What Are You Paying For?

First things first, don’t ever pay an annual fee. Unless your credit provider can show you a reason for, or a service that is being provided as a result of a fee, don’t pay it. If your annual fee charge is soon approaching, call your card provider and ask them to waive it. If they don’t waive the fee, ask them to swap to a card which does not include this fee. If they continue to decline, ask for your account number and tell them you will be transferring to a new provider. As soon as they hear these words, what was once an obligatory fee can quickly become a line item that the service rep is happy to waive. Providers often tell their customers that the fee represents the cost of their card and providing the service, however, it’s important to remember that their business model revolves around you having debt. If you don’t have the card to swipe, they can’t claim interest and make money.

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Real Rewards

The biggest allure that credit companies have are their rewards programs. Often advertising the opportunity to use accrued points towards flights, consumers quickly realize that the points are difficult to accumulate and expire after a period of time. Instead, look closely at the reward programs offerings and be sure to pick one which can benefit you. If ongoing expenses like your insurance or a gym membership are debited from your credit card, find a card which can exchange points for credit to use against these. If you enjoy visiting the theater, find a card which provides theater ticket vouchers throughout the year. Whatever the benefit you choose, be sure that you can take advantage of it.

Look for Agreements

Did you know that many utility providers will discount your bill or waive an administration charge if you pay with a certain type of card? Speak with your electricity, gas, and water providers and ask if they have any such commercial arrangements. Even if it just a 2% surcharge, this can quickly add up to substantial savings considering that you will pay your bill each month, with or without the discount.

When choosing a credit card, remember that along with providing the benefit of credit, your provider is also making money, so be sure they work for it. As always, when deciding on any line of credit, be sure to read any and all fine print and contracts to ensure you know what you are signing up for.


How Payday Loans Help Struggling Australian Employees

How Payday Loans Help Struggling Australian Employees

Times could get tough even to those who are earning average amount of salary. Despite the relatively good performance of the Australian economy, no regular employee could be so sure about his or her financial capacity. Problems may arise that may put any employee in financial limbo. Some of these problems may include medical emergencies, death of a loved one, relationship issues, business problems, unemployment, and even unpaid bills. Needless to say, you can never be too confident about your financial health even if you have a stable and secured job.

If you are struggling with your finances and looking for a quick fix, fret not because you may always turn to short-term loans. Many of today’s unsecured loans go by numerous names, from fast cash loans to payday loans. Regardless of how they are called, they all have the same purpose, which is to provide money for those who meet unexpected expenses or prevent having to pay late fees. Although many lenders have different ways of working with clients when it comes to these financial matters, these loans are guaranteed, which means that employees get to be easily approved of their applications.


If you are cash-strapped and your next paycheck is still days or weeks away, you would find fast cash loans extremely helpful and handy. You can take full advantage of them readily by using the Internet to search for available lenders in your area. You may likewise go to the nearest lending store in your area to apply for a loan. All you need to do is prove your identity and show paystubs as proof of your income, and you’re on your way to receiving the intended amount of cash you want to borrow. In order to fully take advantage of payday loans, all you have to do is not to borrow money more than what you earn. In addition, having to borrow more money than you actually need would mean having to deal with higher interest rates. This is why it is important to avail of short term loans according to your needs; that way, you dodge the hassles of having bad credit brought about by debt.

In relation to this, many employees in Australia who earn average salaries or wages, handling their finances is an often laborious task to deal with. In other words, budgeting money, especially in today’s living standards, can be a complicated task. Aside from the fact that they have to make use of what they earned to live through a week or even a month, there often comes a time wherein they have to deal with a financial emergency. Oftentimes, it is hard to get by something that is unexpected, especially that many workers are already short of cash.

Indeed, it is impossible for them to make use of their remaining money to cover for an urgent need, more so if the next paycheck is just days away. Many cash-strapped workers who are aware of the need for a quick cash in order to get past through a critical situation often resort to numerous actions, such as borrowing money from friends. Some also practice getting a small amount of cash out of their savings, which is defeating the purpose of saving in the first place. Yet nowadays, average-earning employees are now exposed to short-term loans, which are a favorable way of getting over the next few days before the next paycheck.

Being short on cash is not good in certain situations. Whether it is a medical emergency, a rush bill payment, or any financial emergency, average-earning employees can definitely find benefits from availing of small term loans.


Working Capital Loan: The Basics

Working Capital Loan: The Basics

To be a step ahead in the business world, it is imperative to have capital on hand to cover the financial expenses needed in the daily operation of your business.

Fortunately, there’s working capital loan.

In essence, a working capital loan is ideal for companies that are unable to generate the needed revenue to sustain the company’s day-to-day expenses.

What are some of the enticing benefits of working capital loan?

        You will maintain company ownership

If you get funding help from an equity investor, more often than not, you would need to give up a substantial percentage of your company. It would also mean you would be giving up a part of your decision making ability as well.

However, if you borrow funds from banks and other financial institutions, you are only required to make the agreed payments promptly. Basically, that is your only obligation to the lender. You can rest assured you can run your business however you want to without outside interference or influence.

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No collateral will be required

Generally, there are two types of loans—unsecured and secured. Working capital loans come in both varieties albeit most are unsecured. However, unsecured working capital loans are often only granted to small businesses that have good credit history and pose little or no risks.

If you are one of those who would quality for an unsecured working capital loan, you won’t be asked to provide any collateral in order to get approval. However, your obligation to pay the agreed amount on time will still be required.

You can use the money however you deem fit

As a whole, banks and other lenders will often have very few (if none at all) restrictions as far as what you will use the money for is concerned. In essence, they just want the funds to be used to maintain the business operations or enhance opportunities for revenue.

In addition, unlike typical business loans that take up a lot of time to process, working capital loans are way easier to secure sans all the hassles other types of loans come with. In most cases, you’d have access to the funds almost immediately, usually a week after the approval.

Shorter and easier repayment scheme

A working capital loan is the best option when you need help for short-term needs and you want it fast. A blip here, a hiccup there, and some needed cash influx are just some of the financial scenarios a working capital loan can easily remedy. And what’s amazing about it is you won’t have to be burdened with loan repayment for years just to pay back what you borrowed.

What are some of the most common types of working capital loans?

Accounts receivable loans

One way to secure a working capital is to apply for loans that take into consideration the confirmed sales order value or the account receivables of your company. This type is ideal if the company has no funds to fulfill an order or a sales contract. However, this kind of working capital loan is often only offered to reputable businesses with a proven track record when it comes to fulfilling obligations and paying debts.

Trade creditor

A loan provided by a potential or present supplier is known as trade creditor working capital loan. This type of loan is often offered by suppliers to those who place bulk orders. Prior to getting approval however, expect the trade creditor to meticulously check the credit history of your company.

Advances or Factoring

This kind of working capital loan is a bit similar to the accounts receivable loan. The only distinct difference is instead of accounts receivable or confirmed orders, the loan’s value will be based on potential credit card receipts. Understandably, this type is often only granted to those businesses that accept payments through credit cards.

Choosing the right courier insurance matters a lot

Choosing the right courier insurance matters a lot

Basically one can find cover for the cargo, damage to the delivery vans or some other form of vehicles, public liability, employer’s liability etc. Insurance for couriers are meant to protect you as a courier service provider with your cargo, van, assets, etc. included. As a courier service provider you have to constantly transport valuable packages and deliver it to the clients. This requires your van driver to spend more time on the road. When you opt for normal insurance, it may not compensate for the many risks the driver is exposed to. It is not just about the delivery van but the cargo itself where there are chances and risks for the cargo to be lost, stolen or damaged. In this case, opting for goods in transit policy will cover you better for lost, stolen and also damaged cargo in transit.

Benefits of comparing various policies

Comparing the various insurance for courier is a must because only then you can opt for a policy that best suits you. Big or small couriers, a firm that covers all kinds of couriers ranging from van, car, lorry, etc. is the one that would cater to your requirements. Choosing a cover that will not only cover the goods in transit but the entire courier armada is a good idea. And all this at a best possible price is the main concern behind choosing the right courier insurance brokers.

Some of the reliable and genuine brokers provide you with cheap prices. You can even get up to 60% off your policy. Sometimes they guide you towards policies where flexible payment plans are available.


The must have covers in your insurance for courier

The must have cover offered by the insurance for courier that you choose include goods in transit, courier breakdown cover, excess protection, public liability insurance, etc. You are on a safer side as a courier when all these are covered. For instance; goods in transit makes sure that whatever kind of object you are delivering irrespective of its value is covered when you face certain issues or circumstances like losses, theft, damaged goods, etc. Hence you can be rest assured that you are thoroughly covered when such circumstances arise when you include it in the policy.

The necessary covers to look for in your insurance for courier policy

Courier breakdown cover makes certain that your vehicle is secured and covered in case of breakdown. With this included in your policy you can be certain that roadside assistance would be provided to you and your vehicle can get back on the road as soon as possible; thereby, making it economically viable and less expensive when you face such issues as it is covered in the policy. Excess protection offers you protection against the cost of any excess insurance during the time of claiming your insurance for courier. You can also get cover against any claims made by the public against you by opting for public liability insurance in your insurance for courier policy. The above mentioned covers sound overwhelming of course but are essential.