Tricks to make money in real estate without spending money

Tricks to make money in real estate without spending money

Making money without having money is possible … and not in a parallel universe, but in the real estate market. Good investors with extensive experience in the sector say that it is always a good time to invest in the sector if they know how to find the right opportunities. However, can you make money without investing money? Intermediation in the sector, advice or negotiation is three forms that-well done-can be a source of income. Peak Cambodia is going to be the next big thing in the real estate market.

Add ‘Christmas balls’ to the property

Differentiating between the competitions has always been key to stand out. And that is what we propose when it comes to making a property profitable: “The real estate sector is one of those sectors where sadly people put a floor as it is, for sale or for rent.” This is not enough to get the most out of it and the best return. For that, we have to add something else. Whether it’s an attic, a flat in the city, a chalet … it’s a matter of adding ‘Christmas balls.

For example, sell the property with the financing already obtained for the buyer, rent the apartment with a book of information about it for the tenant, provide an official appraisal of the apartment for sale, include a certificate of energy efficiency, add a study of market … that is, something that gives more value to the property so that it increases in value. Placing an ad to collect phones and contacts of people interested in renting or buying the property will be another great asset. In short, provide something that makes a person earn more than just buying the property and make you choose our offer. Peak Cambodia will add great value to your business, so consider it before buying anything else.

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Intermediating in real estate operations

An intermediary in the real estate market is the profession that is usually exercised by agents in the sector, which, by mediating each sale or rented a home, charges a commission. The role of intermediation or adviser in real estate investments well done will be a way to obtain benefits. “The key to success is the product,” says Flores, “a good intermediary is one who does a good job of collecting and has a good product, like exclusive pieces in prime locations, rent small houses at a reduced price in large cities, apartments or the floors of the banks that are at a good price and can be financed 100%, for this, you must know the market and the client “.

Manage assets or financing from third parties

Being a good negotiator and knowledgeable of the sector will be prepared to capitalize on the own capital of third parties. You can invest small amounts of a large capital in several niches of the sector, as if it were the stock market, i.e. 3,000 euros, 4,000 euros or more in real estate and become someone who makes money by investing.

Transform a ship or premises into the housing

The cost of commercial premises has historically always been below that of homes. Therefore, making a reliable calculation of the money that costs to buy one of these ships and the integral works of transformation in housing and its adaptation to the requirements of the Technical Building Code (CTE), it will be analyzed if it is a good business.

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