Workplace discrimination in Singapore

Workplace discrimination in Singapore

Discrimination exists all around the world either against people of the opposite gender, different race, ethnicity, etc etc. Such discrimination is a retarding force, not just for the ones who are discriminated against but also for the ones who are not. It is because the overall business suffers due to that which amounts to lower pay for higher efforts for even the lucky lot. Whereas a business that practices healthy employee participation without any prejudices and stereotype gain in the long run with diverse mindsets working together as a team.

Several countries have made rules and regulations to prevent discrimination in any form possible. But, legal provisions remain only in letters and do not ever transform into their spirit if people are not willing to shed their belief system in accordance with the rules.

The Ministry of Manpower of Singapore has also laid various guidelines to ensure a healthy and productive workplace environment with workplace discrimination Singapore to facilitate the larger good of society.

The discriminatory policies followed within workplaces all over Singapore are: 

  • Discrimination against working mothers

The larger bias against working mothers stems from the belief that particularly women who are mothers are not as competent as the non-mothers or men for that matter. It is believed that you cannot expect higher from these women since they are doing double work which is managing their kids as well as a job. Though here the real issue is not nudged at which is ending sexism so that the woman, as well as the man, do equal efforts in the rearing of their child. Men who are fathers do not suffer from the lower likelihood of hiring though because it is believed that men are intrinsically breadwinners not caregivers. So, it is no wonder that being a father or not, does not make much difference. This motherhood penalty bias as it is largely known expects women to then work with lower salaries.

  • Discrimination against older employees

Companies prefer hiring young and fresh graduate employees because they can be put to work for longer hours without costing much. This ageism is because of the fact that older employees would want a higher salary package on account of their experience. And, companies do not definitely want that.

  • Discrimination against PWDs

Since Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) take longer to commute to their offices, it is believed that they are less competent than normal employees. This is certainly not true. A company could only benefit from an inclusive workforce and not from such exploitative and demeaning tendencies.

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