Best Marketing Strategies for Small Industries and Start-Ups

Small Industries

As a start-up and micro-enterprise, you cannot afford many things in your business and keeping it rolling is a twenty-four-hour struggle. Digital marketing has been a boost to such firms, but this alone is not enough to take their business to the masses as still there is a population who does not use smartphones and others who don’t trust the things they see digitally. Getting physical interaction with people in your target area across different cities is impossible for an enterprise operating from home offices. You cannot put up retail outlets in different cities, but you can put up stalls in public places with pull up standee and a beach umbrella.

How this strategy works

Some people need to see or interact with the products or services to trust and buy. Seeing people in person and feeling the products in their own hands can be reassuring, and one or two standing there to explain your product can be an excellent technique to lead conversion.

You spend on the pullup standee banner that attracts customers from far and talks about your product, a few pamphlets, if possible, some free samples, and the cost of traveling to cities, with permission to put up stalls in malls or market places.

pull up standee

Advantages of this Strategy

  • It’s a meager cost, and you don’t have to invest an amount
  • Instant lead conversion as people who like the samples are your marketing tend to buy and is reflected on your business.
  • You can use the same props for every location you want to cover; hence is very cost-effective once again and is also very localized as you interact with people.
  • You also get to interact with people and get their suggestions and feedback. You can also use this opportunity to survey people to find the problems in the industry you are part of and how you can fill those gaps with your products. This will help you in your future marketing strategies as well. Therefore, it also serves as a research and development activity.
  • You need not find people, strategic planning of locations and attractive banners at the right places, like near the stairs or the bag counter, could get your attention and lead people to you.


The idea is to put up a small stall with the help of banners and pull-up standees and create awareness about your company and your products. It is cost-effective and is very personal for potential customers.

Tahir Ismail

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