Chairman And CEO EfratPeled

Chairman And CEO EfratPeled

Efrat Peled was born in 1974 in Israel. He is the CEO of Shari Arison Family Office, Maimi, U.S.A and CEO and chairman of Arison Investments. She was repeatedly ranked the most dominant women in Israel by Forbes Israel. In 2013 she had been listed no. 6 and in 2014 no.8 and 2015 no. 9. She was ranked the most powerful businesswomen in Israel.

In 2012 she was honoured by Stevie for executive of the year award- Conglomerates. She was presented the Northwestern University Alumni Merit Award in the year 2013 for his outstanding performance in her business and personal enhance. Kellogg School of Management gave her this award. She was the first Israeli to receive this honour.

She was also a member of the World Economic Forum. Since 2010 she was the member of Clinton Global Initiative. This is a program that brings together the group of twenty outstanding leaders from all over the world for discussing the solutions of the most trending challenges for the people.

Efrat Peled

Career And Early Life Of EfratPeled

EfratPeled managed all of the businesses of Arison’s. She is the active member of the leading salt producer of Israel, i.e. board at the salt producer of the earth. She was also a member of the global water company, i.e. Miya. She was also the member of Weizmann Institute and Bank Hapoalim. She also served the board at Shikun and Binui and Real estate company. She was a member of Advisory Committee of the Israeli government’s National Economic Council.

Efrat Peled posses a strong business from Kellogg-Racanati and she also possesNorthwestern and Tel Aviv University joint program. She completed her B.A from Tel Aviv University in Economics and Accounting and pursued a diploma in real estate Appraisal and management from the same University. She is a Certified Public Accountant. SharadArchonim owned by Shari Arison appointed EfratPeled as the CEO in 2000. She was appointed CFO in 2001 of Ted Arison Family Foundation. She served as the CEO and chairman of SAFRO and Arison Investment. Peled was investigated for the activity held for the promotion of infrastructure project.

Arisoncompany headed by Peled having several employees and its operation was explored worldwide.

Biography OfEfratPeled

EfratPeled was a leading and outstanding businesswomen in Israel. She invested a huge amount in establishing her business and improved financial performance by investing in project schemes and companies. She was ranked by Fortune magazine in2011 as one of the 50 most powerful women in the business and was ranked the world’s 100 most powerful women in Forbes.

She was the great name in the Israel for her business and growth both in the profession and personal skills

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