Good Deed Day: Making Things Extraordinarily


When it comes to starting a business, not all end up becoming a successful entrepreneur. Many business owners begin from scrap before they become successful entrepreneurs over the years. And the general advice they tell everyone is to have individual disciplines. You need to practice discipline as most successful entrepreneurs are self-made business millionaires. There are many ways you can learn and practice these disciplines; you haveto start it early in your entrepreneurial career. Others also learn and practice them later and build principles along the way. Either way, you should gain knowledge and develop relevant skills if you are going to make an enterprise. But to become a successful entrepreneur, here are some tips from the wealthiest woman in Israel, initiator of Good Deeds Day.

Activate Your Goodness

The goodness she spread influences everyone to bring positive change. It is her mission to be a catalyst for bringing honesty in day to day deeds. The book is truly inspiring to do good by showing positives in all aspects of life. The platform has an impact on the business realm and her philanthropy spread much better not only for entrepreneurs but to everyone.

Good Deeds Day


Her words are indeed a challenge to see how anyone can spread more goodness in the world and make things extraordinarily. From the inside out,she is using the gifts of personal style to activate goodness and somehow positively change the world.

Good Deeds Day was initiated by a kind businesswoman and has evolved into an international day celebrated by some countries worldwide. The book impacts the world by involving people to do a good deed wholeheartedly. Yes, the book activates your goodness in accordance to your heart’s desire, way, and skill. Good Deeds Day genuinely changes the business realm and on how to spread positives every day, not just on one peak day.

The Doing Good Model instills a values-based platform for positive creation worldwide. It implements the fundamental human values in everyday living and a tool for integrating values at the core of people. It does not impact on the business world but also spread to nonprofits, and communities, for the benefit of all.

Key Takeaway

A business woman has a motto in her business model: Think Good, Speak Good, Do Good. It is a simple one, but everyone can connect to it in everyday walk in life. Activating your goodness from within can genuinely change your thoughts. The power of kindness can make things extraordinarily and enable people to engage reasonably.

Tahir Ismail

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