How to Personal Background Check on Prospective Tenants

How to Personal Background Check on Prospective Tenants

Are you looking for quicker ways to screen potential tenants?

It’s a wise thing that before allowing someone to rent your place, you have to first get to know them. Apart from that, it’s also best to know the kind of people you will have in your place.

Doing a background check on a person is easier with the use of social media. You can easily judge a person by their online profile.

But not all online profile can tell what kind of person they are, or whether or not they’re reliable. Especially when it comes to paying rent.

Which is why today, this blog will talk about a few personal background check you can do to make a better screening process for tenants. This will help you in finding tenants for rental property.

Running a Personal Background Check on Prospective Tenants

One of the most important things to do to keep a successful and consistent rental business is incorporating a personal background check. The people you allow to rent your place, are likely the people who are going to have an impact on your business. If you are finding tenants for rental property then make sure you are letting reliable people in.

If you have good renters, you will have a good environment that in return will invite more renters. But if you have bad renters, you’re going to lose potential renters and good money.

Now let me help you make the most of your rental business by following these tips in running a personal background check.

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Ask for Appropriate Questions

Asking questions is the most essential step when doing a personal background check. This can be done personally or by a phone call.

However, it’s recommendable to do it over coffee or in an office setting to thoroughly screen the tenant. But if they can’t make up with an appointment, it can also be done through a phone call. Just make sure that you two can hear out each other over the phone.

It’s not just enough to ask about their name, age, and occupation or if they’re doing okay. You need to ask right and appropriate questions to ensure you are making the best background screening.

With that said, you need to be objective when asking questions. Here are 8 questions you can ask during a tenant background check as you’re finding tenants for rental property:

  • When do you need the place?
  • Have you given your notice to your existing landlord?
  • How’s your job?
  • How’s your credit report?
  • What’s your maximum budget?
  • How many bedrooms will you be needing?
  • Do you have pets with you?
  • Who else will live with you?

Check for Signs of Troubles

You can check for signs of troubles by conversing with tenants and through asking a question. This is the advantage of having a personal appointment with a client because you can see their reactions, gestures and the way they act and talk to certain things.

In that way, you can verify the facts and if the tenant is honest in giving his personal information.

There are 2 signs you should watch out for during a tenant background check:

  • Tenants Want the Property Right Away

Potential tenants begin to search for a rental property for approximately 4-8 weeks before they get one. If a tenant is eager to take property, then determine why the tenant is so desperate to move in. You must ensure that their reasons are valid.

  • Tenants Sound so Good to Be True

Most of the times, common lies happen to sound so real, as if it’s the truth. That’s why you need to be extra cautious in the information your prospective tenant is telling you.

Be suspicious when the tenant tells you a lot of things that you want to hear. Most of the time, those are just made up stories or lies.

Example of those is when they’re insisting on taking care of the renovations for you. And if they tell stories of how they helped their previous property manager fix things around for free.

finding tenants for rental property

Verify Their Profiles Online

Checking online might not tell you everything. However, it can still help in checking if the tenant is true to what they’re saying.

Always make use of the internet as it’s a very helpful tool for carrying out a tenant background search. You can make use of Google or Yahoo.

Check if their online photograph matches the identity of the tenant you met. Make use of social media sites like  Facebook pages, LinkedIn, and Twitter to check on them.

Ensure Your Tenant’s Affordability

Affordability is a vital element when doing a background check. You have to make sure that the person you are making business with can afford to sustain in paying monthly dues.

You also have to check if their source of income is enough. Best to require for their most recent paystubs to verify their accountability.

Paystubs are more difficult to duplicate or fake. Requiring this will lessen your chances of being a victim of tenant fraud.

That’s it! If you need more help in finding tenants for rental property do check this link now

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