Set Up A Hong Kong Company With These Guidelines

set up a hong kong company

Setting up a company can be a matter of pride as you will be your own boss and see employees working under you. But there are certain criteria to register under the Hong Kong company registration act. It is assumed that the clients might not be familiar with the company act and hence need to be well versed with the same. The team of accountants’ company secretaries understand what small business and its need can mean. The site makes it easier for you to understand in deep the terminologies to register under the companies act. 

Perks of registering with Hong Kong Company

  • It is a licensed company services provider and falls under the act of TC 003800. The Hong Kong company incorporation services have established themselves as the leading provider of corporate services in Hong Kong.
  • The need of small business is well understood by the company and can help you with the resources that you need to establish one.
  • The Hong Kong company laws may be different and it is obvious that people might not be familiar with the same. To inculcate the rules properly within the clients the international team and secretary are there to provide you complete support.
  • Clear and proper response to clients at the right time plays an important role in boosting the business and the same is followed here and the same values are built-in you.
  • The company offers a one-step solution to the clients in establishing a company in Hong Kong. 

set up a hong kong company

Service of the company

  • Incorporation services-You get complete advice on the incorporation process and check on in the company’s registry.
  • Secretarial services– The company secretary team provides the complete kit for being a company secretary. Details like preparation of report annually and the tax filing you get complete data on all.
  • Accounting services-Activities like bookkeeping, tax filing, setting up accounting systems and more, you get complete assistance with these.
  • Nominee services-In order for the client to retain the control of shares in the companya trust must be established between the nominee shareholder and the client holding the shares. 

Features of the site

  • You get the Hong Kong Company registration services.
  • Get the complete accounting assistance like the bookkeeping, accounting software set up and more.
  • Mail forwarding, call answering and more virtual like facilities are available to you.
  • You can contact for an appointment and easily get assisted with the queries that you hold. 

Sum up

To set up a hong kong company, it important to know the complete guidelines and procedures that follow under the companies act. Instead of appearing for the walk-ins it is convenient to contact and book the meeting for your queries. So start learning for setting up the company in hong kong and building a robust empire.

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