The simple way to get the permanent visa

permanent visa

The PR form of visa is the short form of the permanent resident form of visa. This kind of visa is useful to travel to the nation and stay there for a certain duration of time and later seek citizenship. In some parts of countries obtaining, it can gradually lead to citizenship. Need more assistance with your PR application in Singapore? Click here.

There are various benefits of getting a permanent form of residence in any country. In case the person is already the holder of the work pass and at the same time working for six months will make it much more useful to get the visa much easier. The person will have the eligibility to get the status of the PR.


There are many advantages of having a PR status. They get the chance to enjoythe maximum benefit as well as a right that makes them a complete citizen of the country. If the person lives or even leaves and enters the country without applying for separate visas for work or even for travel, the individual will get the blue card which serves as an identity in the form of a document.

Singapore Permanent Resident

Even the person’s spouse as well as the unmarried children who are mainly under the age of twenty-one that is mentioned in the application will be eligible for the same. In case the child is school going age they also have a high priority in the list in case of getting citizenship. They can also enter the school of their choice.

In the case of applying for the long duration of stay form of visas for the parents, the same can be followed. The change of jobs can be possible very freely without any need to re-apply for permission to work in the city. if an individual is the holder of the work-related form of visa and is willing to change jobs, they need to cancel the old visa and reapply for the new visa. This would be the risk and may be subjected to delay and in some cases rejection as well.

In case to contribute to the pension system in the flexible form and withdraw of the huge sum when an individual reaches the age of retirement at 55 years of old.

To be eligible for the complete citizen after certain years of holding permanent residence they will be able to get a passport as well as enjoy the rights equal to those who are local born form citizens and also enjoy the healthcare facilities as well.

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