Tips to Ensure Success in Sharepoint Implementation

Sharepoint Implementation

Given the countless benefits of having SharePoint in the arsenal of your business, it is not surprising that many organizations are almost in a hurry to implement it in their business. Unfortunately, many of them cannot understand that SharePoint implementation is a large-scale event that requires and requires the closest attention to every minute. The SharePoint implementation requires the right strategy to align with the operations and business objectives of your organization.

This is to make sure the solution is valid. In addition, you will also find many examples of how companies rush recklessly to implement SharePoint without even spending time analyzing their requirements, solution capabilities and how they can use their many functions to benefit their business. Not surprisingly, this leads to a failed attempt to implement SharePoint, as well as the inability to achieve the return on investment objective. Then, even worse, end users cannot benefit from this either, which affects performance.

Sharepoint Implementation

Here are some tips to help you avoid repeating the same mistakes:

  • Correct the deadlines: For a SharePoint deployment project to have a solid foundation, it must be carefully organized. Start with the deadline for the project and then determine the deadlines for each step in it. It must include the time of consultation and analysis; design, deployment and configuration; Try training and support. Of course, you can add more milestones to the project if the need arises.
  • Get the sponsorship of executive management. One of the most important steps in the entire process is to ensure that stakeholders get support from you, as well as the SharePoint implementation project, and should inform staff. Executive sponsorship not only facilitates the implementation of SharePoint in the company, but also simplifies the learning strategy. In addition, it ensures that the administration of the company sees how sharepoint training can improve productivity.
  • Gather a qualified team: if the team working on the SharePoint implementation does not have the right skills, it is not surprising that the project fails. Therefore, make sure you have at least specialists for design, implementation, execution and support.
  • Pay special attention to the characteristics of implementation. The characteristics of the process depend on whether you are targeting a local implementation or if you choose a cloud-based implementation. To get started, a local implementation will require a group of servers to host SharePoint, periodic maintenance and various configuration options. When performing the cloud deployment, remember hardware, availability and updates.

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