Why is online registration for a sole proprietorship a convenient method?

online registration

A sole proprietorship is the simplest business form which includes a single person to operate it. In simpler words,one person is directly responsible for the business and its debts. This kind of business comprises less compliance and less cost. In your busy schedule running after ample of thing for transcending a proprietorship firm, it is difficult to visit an office, stand in queues and wait for a simple firm registration form.

Sole Proprietorship Registration is a peculiar method to cut short your difficulties in your initial days of starting up a business. Through online portals, Sole Proprietorship Registration is an effective way, and reportedly more than 500 people have conveyed their satisfactory views by registering their firm in an online portal.

Importance of registering a sole proprietorship online

Choosing a right guiding partner is an imperative selection for the triumph of business. Benefits achieved through Sole Proprietorship Registration Online can be understood through various points mentioned below:

  • Unlike the traditional portals or agents, getting done a proprietorship firm registered helps in consuming less time with superfast services 24x7x365 days. Just in 5 to 9 days, bonafide online portals get your firm registered.
  • Knowing the fact and circumstances that this is your startup with your own hard earned money, online registration comes with minimal packages ranging and starting from Rs 1499/- with added benefits.
  • To cut short all your queries some online sites even have qualified, experienced and well-groomed experts having obtained degrees of Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries to keep you out of conventional legal activities.
  • The major difference this online portal system works in providing the online registration form ascribing all the essentials without making you move out of the comfort of your home.
  • They provide the complete package that they would charge for the completion of the process. They do not hide the pecuniary interest that they levy on.
  • In just 3-4 steps the entire process winds with exact and accurate information of your registration process.
  • If any changes being recorded from the online portal’s site, they immediately take the plug and the duty to inform you through a telephonic conversation or WhatsApp.
  • They even provide a money-back guarantee in a proportion of 100.

Proprietorship Registration Online

Sole Proprietorship Registration Process includes the basic curative legit ingredients

  1. The online sites provide for two categories:
  2. Tax Registration in India(GST Registration).
  3. Basic Local or Central Government or another body.

Choose from one of the options offered in the site.

  1. Documents required for Sole Proprietorship Registration Process are:

PAN Card Copy, Aadhar Card Copy, Electric Bill Copy of business location or Personal Bank Statement Copy/Premises, Passport Size Photograph.

  • In the online portal page, fill up your Proprietorship firm Application.
  • Make payment of package online via cards/net banking/UPI/wallets.
  • Assign a committed CA/Legal expert, and then submit the documents online via email or WhatsApp.
  • With these simple steps, you are done with registering your firm.

When you are heading with a small business, choose MSME or CA certification. Otherwise, always opt for GST registration.

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