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Financial advisors are highly competent professionals who assist their clients in maintaining and enhancing their present economic status. For most people this implies preserving and maintaining their current income levels, increasing their capital in addition to appropriate asset allocation. In the world of finance, this also means keeping the overall risk factor from their investments to an acceptable low level. Many individuals who intend to hire such competent financial specialists to manage their finances generally want to know the unique qualities that a professional in this field needs to stand out among the crowd.

Keith Springer, a reputed financial advisor from America and the founder of Springer Financial Advisors in Sacramento, CA says that people who are looking for knowledgeable financial advisors to help them manage their finances efficiently and effectively need to search for professionals with the following five essential traits:

  1. Trustworthy

Like all relationships that clients maintain with their service provider, there needs to be an element of trust between an investor and his/her financial advisor to create a workable and congenial environment.  Such advisors need to provide impartial and practical advice to their clients on all financial matters keeping in mind their best interests apart from keeping their promises and words they utter to such customers.


  1. Action-oriented

These financial specialists are always ready to implement the financial strategies that they conceive to enhance their clients’ wealth with immediate effect. Considering the interests of their customers, competent financial advisors never fail to open communication channels with the objective of informing them of present financial opportunities along with the status of their income and wealth.

  1. Take a holistic view of their clients’ finances

The basis of sound financial advice that these experts provide their clients is not only dependent on their customer’s income level or class of assets he/she invest in but also on certain other factors. These include their clients’ financial situation, banking habits, investment, insurance and credit requirements. These financial professionals try to apprehend and appreciate their clients’ spending habits, debt obligations and life goals to formulate an effective financial strategy to enhance their customers’ wealth.

  1. Have a clear strategy

Just as a person would never attempt to travel to place, they do not know without a map, a competent financial advisor will never maneuver the financial future without a clear plan and direction. As the circumstances in his clients’ lives changes, he/she will consider them and revise their financial strategies accordingly.

  1. Interest of their clients come first

Proficient financial advisors formulate financial plans that are tailor-made to meet their clients’ goals and objectives. They simple persuade their clients to purchase financial products to get a big commission. He/she will see a wide range of investment schemes that advice their clients to invest in those that cater to his/her financial requirements and objectives.

Keith W. Springer explains that the above traits in a competent financial advisor helps to put him/her in a separate class in comparison to his/her competitors in the market besides winning the hearts and minds of their clients.




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