The Power of Social Trading

A trader gains profit by making bets on fluctuations in prices of different financial instruments, but it was common for beginners to lose all of their money before understanding how to trade. Social trading lessens the risk of such an event, but it does not remove it. But what exactly is social trading? And how do you do it?

Social Trading 101

Social trading allows people to instantly obtain information from other users anywhere on the globe. Traders are able to examine and mimic the trade performance of a professional. It contrasts with usual indicators; this strategy relies on generated data from some traders that allow amateurs to execute trades without having to do their own evaluations. Basically, you rely on the details and analysis produced by others to make your trading decisions.

You may simply search among several traders on platforms who share their trading ideas, strategy, and past data on some brokers. These are experts who understand how to utilize trade and use the best tactics to apply based on the current state of the market. Once you’ve identified the trader that best suits your taste, you can easily duplicate their activities.

Social Trading Platforms

A trading platform is an application or web-based application that can be used on desktops, laptops, or mobile phones. The broker is responsible for managing the platform, which can be thought of as the intermediary who links you to the market. These are the top social trading factors you can use:


eToro was launched in 2007 and is now one of the world’s leading social investment platforms. It’s recognized as a great option for anyone interested in trying social trading on stocks, forex, and even cryptocurrency. eToro is a risk-free and user-friendly platform for amateurs. It is well known for making trading hassle-free for newbies.

The Power of Social Trading


Developed by Metaquotes Corporation in 2005, Metatrader is a trading platform used by foreign exchange traders. The software consists of a client component and a server component. The client program is used by brokers’ clients to see fluctuations in prices and charts in real-time, place orders, and handle account management while the broker is in charge of running the server component. Through this, you can copy the trades but it has a subscription fee.


Founded in 2009, XM has developed into a sizable, well-recognized multinational investment company and a genuine market leader. Extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the world’s financial markets are the sources of expertise. This platform gives some webinars and demo accounts that you can try before doing real trading. However, there are withdrawal and inactivity fees.

Final Thoughts

Social trading is an excellent method to begin investing. You can benefit and learn different things from the experts. Eventually, you will discover how to trade, anticipate prices, make your own predictions, and produce profits. Soon enough, you’ll be able to execute your own trades and even mentor beginners as they explore their trading careers.

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