Why is Sap the best financial system?

sap business bydesign

There are many reasons why an organization would like to buy and implement an ERP system to carry out daily financial business operations. SAP is the world’s largest business software development organization that uses the world’s most popular financial software. One of the reasons why this system is very popular because it is implemented in more than 100,000 organizations around the world, which gives the product a high level of trust. Many of the top Fortune 500 companies have implemented this system and are highly respected in many industries around the world. This huge market share can only indicate that it not only meets the initial business requirements of these companies, but also continues to meet changing business requirements in the future. This system was developed for medium and large companies. Nevertheless, it is ideal for a small company that seeks to expand its activities in the near future. SAP is a modular system in which an organization can add additional features as needed, simply by buying more modules.

sap business bydesign

FICO module

For example, many companies start with the FICO module, which is the main financial and control module, and then add such modules as personnel management (HR), material management (MM), sales and distribution (SD) project system (PS), business -analytics (BI), etc. The system has existed for many years and is constantly being improved in the updated system. The system has always had a solid upgrade path, which means that as soon as the company acquires and implements SAP, the product can be updated to the latest versions as they are released. This eliminates the need for organizations to change systems as their business grows, be it acquiring, merging, or increasing market share. Another key reason is that because SAP https://www.dynasys.com.hk/sap-erp/ is so popular and widespread, there is a huge potential group of trained SAP staff that can be hired.

Initial implementation

This can make the initial implementation simple and straightforward, as there are many consultants who have experienced many product implementations in many industries. However, since SAP consultants are in high demand, companies will have to pay more for a typical implementation and attract consultants with the necessary knowledge and experience. There are also many employees trained in financial services, such as accountants, employees, inventory controllers, sales support staff, etc., who have experience with SAP. In fact, many employees prefer to work for a company that uses SAP, as experience can improve their professional prospects. Employees with SAP knowledge and experience can receive higher salaries in the labor market. Since https://www.dynasys.com.hk/sap-business-bydesign/ is a popular system, companies will have to pay their employees higher salaries in order to attract and retain them. People who want to become consultants or employees often have difficulty penetrating the market and looking for work. Traditional SAP in-class training courses are very expensive. The best option is to study at home.

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