Choosing Marketing Strategy on the Internet over the Traditional way

Marketing Strategy

Advertising is one of the fundamentals of any business; it has been present ever since the concept of business came into being. But with the advancement of technology, this aspect of life too has undergone sea change. Both the traditional and the online way of advertising or marketing have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, it is upon you to decide which one to chose, but for that you need to understand both correctly.

Advertising is not an easy task, a lot of intelligent thinking and planning needs to go into it before attempting to fish your customer. This is the reason this facet of business needs to be handled by experts who know the various strategies of advertising. Though there are many available in the market, but you should always hire someone who has some experience, someone like Jonathan Disegi. He is a Brand Strategy director and International Affairs post graduate student. He has completed his studies from the University of Columbia, and studied subjects like strategic intelligence, and cyber conflict.

The first reason why the online method is preferred over the traditional is because of its expenses. There is no two ways to the fact that marketing online does not curb your pocket as much as the traditional way. Of course you may get long term offers for offline advertisements, but in the long run you will realize that the online concept is much more rewarding and cost effective.

Targeting the audience or customers is one of the major tasks of advertising, but online you can get an easy and a more solid access to your desired audience. The greater advantage in this criterion is that you have the option to choose your customers, as opposed to the offline advertising, where you may choose the newspaper or channel of advertisement but you have no control over the audience quality.

Marketing Strategy

Several new techniques of advertising have come up, such as brand strategy, brand fingerprinting, email marketing, site sponsorship, directory advertising and a lot more. But all these options are possible to be carried out only in the online option. The offline option is very limited with only the newspaper, television and the flyers as its refuge. The online marketing options have become so popular that a lot of people are getting interested in it and taking it up as a career option.

Jonathan Disegi is an individual who did his post graduation from the University of Columbia and presently is a Brand Strategy Director. Experts such as him will be able to explain in a better way as to the advantages of the online advertising strategies over the more traditional offline form of it.

Lastly, one of the biggest advantages of this is the speed with which you can get your desired results. Right from the second you publish your advert on the internet, or even if it is a pay per click advert, you will have thousands of viewers and an immediate response to your advert. As opposed to this the traditional method needs to wait a prolonged period before a response can be got.


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