Ways to popularize your website

Ways to popularize your website

Creating a website is not the end result, it is the starting point of your campaign to gain publicity for your product and startup. This is where your actual challenge begins. In order to assist you with this challenge, kings of roi ltd can assist you in both buildings your website and provide necessary guidance.

There are some practices you can adopt by default to make your website visible to people. Here are a few marketing techniques for your website.

1- SEO

Search engine optimization refers to the increase of your website’s visibility within search engine results. This is achieved by making your page optimized or web-friendly by inserting keyword phrases people usually search for. Most customers never look beyond the first page of search results and it is important that you get your website placed on these.

Simple ways to do this is using appropriate keywords and using backlinks to your website through other web pages and social media pages. Even though SEO might be time-consuming it is very much worth the time.

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2- Blogging

Another good option to channel traffic to your website is to post on other blogs along with your own. Many blogs allow you to post links to your websites or blogs if you make a blog post. So consider this open opportunity to get yourself more traffic, chances are, the blog where you are posting has a much greater visibility than yours.

3- PPC or Pay per click

This kind of advertising can bring traffic to your website through search engines. GoogleAdwords is a great way to use this service. What you actually do in this is pay some price for every click that is made on certain keywords. Wherever these words appear, a link will be made back to your website. If any user clicks on your link, you pay to Google a set amount. The service is not costly and may cost around 10 cents per click. However, the rate of return on these clicks can be very rewarding.

4. Cookies

Even though we dislike cookies, they are a great tool for advertisement. What essentially happens is that when a visitor visits your website a cookie is placed on their computer which then places advertisement before them to return to view your website. Most customers leave without giving out any significant benefit to your website. Cookies can help change that by encouraging them to return.

5. Social Media

Make good use of the social media to reach your audience and have them come visit your website. You can do this by connecting with them directly through Facebook and Twitter. Since the coverage of social media is virtually unlimited, it can be a great tool for advertising your website. You can also use the assistance of kings of roi ltd for your campaigns.

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